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Your Insurance Leads

Tips To Acquire Insurance Leads For Free

After getting cold leads, there are a number of insurance agents who decides to quit their job. Precisely, these cold leads is what the name suggest and there are plenty of agents who actually find that after approaching hundreds of people, only a handful were convinced to get an insurance policy.


But don't lose hope as there are always a number of different ways to handle cold market. And among these methods is done through pre-qualifying leads, which is mostly based on the actual insurance leads and if the client has the money to afford it. There are varieties of ways on how you would be able to gather leads for health insurance and turn them to paying customers, without forking out money. If you would like to learn more information about this, then you must keep on reading. See more health insurance leads here!


Tip number 1. Ask your relatives and close friends for referrals - a great source that you can have in acquiring quality leads are your friends and family. And what I mean by quality is, leads that can be easily transformed to paying customers. So, say for example that you have a friend or family member who is influential, make sure to ask him/her if they know anyone who can be referred to you. You can literally increase your sales by doing this approach.


Tip number 2. Join in free insurance leads websites - whether you believe it or not, there are hundreds of sites that are in search for sales agents in closing pre-qualified leads on their behalf. They are giving out leads that are free of charge and in most instances, you'll not need to sell new products to old clients. Read more about insurance at


Tip number 3. Do research on your prospective leads - one important thing that you should not dare to miss out is doing a background research about your leads as soon as you have one. Not all people are created equally as there are some of your prospects who need the product you are selling but don't have the funds to buy it and there are some who has the purchasing power but your product is no use to them. It will be smart to take time in finding prospects who need to know about your product and is willing to buy it to make your job easier.


Tip number 4. Appeal to the emotions of your prospect - the most successful and effective salesperson would probably tell you that appealing to the emotions of your leads creates a more convincing effect to buy your product than giving them rational explanations. In reality, numerous people rationalize their purchase after the fact of buying. Appeal to a person's emotions like fear, love and pride and rest assure to boost your odds of making sales. See for more.